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A Message from Mike

August 4, 2008

Every day, Phoenix Rescue Mission sends out our Hope Coach Ministry to give out sack lunches, basic toiletries and bottled water along with much needed help to people living on the streets of Phoenix. Often, these are the only meals they’ll get that day or the only fresh water they’ll have access to. Mike Munoz is an essential part of this street ministry and shares his experiences with our Mission Family. As Mike checks in, I’ll be sharing stories like this one:

“This is the story of a man we’ll call “John”. John is 60 years old and born in Chicago, Illinois. He came here for a vacation and instead ended up with probation. He did some time in Florence and has no family here. After he did his term, he came to the Mission for services. He is very gentle and kind and has shared his life history with me on occassion. He doesn’t stay at the Mission, but lives one block to the north on the railroad tracks. Not much, but he calls it Home.

One night, a few weeks ago, someone did what we would call a “home invasion” and hit John while he was asleep with a rock big enough to break his jaw, cause head injuries and land him in I.C.U. This man knows the Lord, but like others has refused to let the Lord into his life. The other morning, John wrote that he wanted a Bible, which was a start. Today, we prayed for his salvation and he accepted the Lord.”

Mike Munoz
Hope Coach and Prison Ministry

If you would like information on the many homeless services we provide at the Mission or are interested in donating, please visit or follow the links if you’d like to volunteer to make the Hope Coach Packs Mike distributes.

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