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A Message From Mike

August 25, 2008

Every day, Mike drives our Hope Coach to find and serve the men, women and children living on the streets. His ministry provides them with food, water and first aid treatment for sunburn, heatstroke and dehydration. His is also a ministry of caring and compassion. This is one of Mike’s stories from the streets:

The more I hit the streets, the more I see homeless men and women struggling with addictions. It is a struggle I am familiar with, myself. One of these men is “Dan”, a man I have known for many years. He was a good guy and was what I wanted to be; clean cut, went to school, had a nice home, and a good family. Dan worked at a bank and people trusted him. Now he is on the streets with a drug habit. I see him with his face burned from the sun so it almost looks like leather, unshaven, without a shower and most of all, he’s lost his soul. He wanders the alleys and streets for cans and metal, loads it on his shopping cart and cashes it in. Can you imagine what a bag of cans looks like and how long it would take just to make 10 dollars? …The money is not for his hunger, but to feed his addiction. I offer him a way out of his misery with the words of the Lord, but it’s not what he wants to hear now. It breaks my heart to see a friend so reluctant to trust God completely with his life, fearing that He may want to make a change in his life and plans. Yes, He will change Dan’s plans, but His plans are infinitely better than the very best we could ever conceive. I will always see this man on the streets and alleys and I will always share my story with him of how the Lord has changed my life and brought me out of the darkness of my struggles.

If you’d like to help Mike in his ministry by donating the goods he distributes or making the sandwiches he supplies, please visit


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