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10 Facts about Homelessness in Arizona

February 6, 2009

  1. 82,000 Arizonans are receiving emergency food boxes a week in Arizona.
  2. More than 14,000 Arizonans experience homelessness each day.
  3. 30% of Arizona’s homeless population are children and teens.
  4. In one year, the working poor in Arizona have seen a 10% increase in costs to maintain basic living necessities such as food, shelter and clothing.
  5. Almost 50% of the homeless are women, children or families.
  6. The fastest growing segment of the homeless population is families with children.
  7. 43% of children living in homeless families are under the age of 6.
  8. 16% of the single adult population suffers from some form of severe or persistent mental illness.
  9. At least 40% of the adult homeless population has an addiction disorder.
  10. 23% of homeless men are US veterans.

Those are a lot of facts and figures, but the truth is these are the people who enter our gates at the Phoenix Rescue Mission every single day. We know from the work we do that there is a face, a name and a story to go with every one of those numbers and percentages. With the rate that unemployment and foreclosures are increasing in our state, we only expect to see more faces, know more names and hear more heartbreaking stories.

You can help. There are many ways to get involved, please visit our website to learn more at

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  1. March 24, 2010 6:21 am

    Many are experiencing the trauma of domestic abuse and are vulnerable to use/abuse of alcohol and drugs, violent attacks, and sexual assault. It is unthinkable, but each day emergency shelter resources must turn away as many as 6 out of 10 women seeking safety for themselves and their children. In addition to bed unavailability, hundreds of these families cannot access emergency or transitional housing due to the extent of their substance use and need for treatment. Very few services in our state provide the addictions and trauma recovery services they desperately need while providing physical safety for the mothers and their children. With nowhere else to go, every night homeless children and moms seek safety and protection by sleeping in cars, under bridges, on the street or in a drainage ditch. Many others continue to endure abusive relationships just to have a roof over their head.

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