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A Heart for the Homeless

May 27, 2009

Mike & Son
I met Mike and his family last week when he came to drop off bottled water at our warehouse. I shook his hand, met his beautiful family and took a picture of him and his son dropping off their donation. I didn’t find out until later that Mike has been dropping off water for the homeless every summer for the last four years, that he’s willing to use his truck to help us make deliveries on his way out or that he inspired a young man to collect four cases worth of water in his own neighborhood.

This year, Mike set a goal of five thousand bottles of water and sent emails to the people in his life including his coworkers at Southwest Airlines asking them to give just five dollars to help. So far with the money he’s collected he’s donated a thousand bottles, but the summer has barely begun. I want to share part of his email with you,

“…I’m reaching out for those whose voices have been cut off. For those that you may never see, so they don’t have a chance to ask you for help, but they desperately need it. Please give. A case of water from Costco costs $4.19 cents. That’s 35 bottles of water, but you can buy water from anywhere you like. If you want to give a dollar or 2 or 3. I will make up the rest to buy a case of water. If you can go without a Starbucks for a day to help you will be blessed for your Sacrifice. Please Give.”


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