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A Word From Jerry… On The Changing Lives Center

June 23, 2009
Jerry Sandvig, Executive Director of Phoenix Rescue Mission

Jerry Sandvig, Executive Director of Phoenix Rescue Mission

The Apostle Paul reminds us of the need to finish the race and to finish it well.

Our race to provide a center for homeless women and their children began several years ago. At that time God’s vision was clear as we observed thousands of women and their kids suffering on the streets, sleeping in cars and stuck in violent domestic arrangements.

As one of our successful survivors of the street has said, “It’s nothing nice out there, it’s dangerous and those moms and their babies have no place to go!”

The purpose of our race was, and is, to make a Christ-centered program in a center to establish hope and to develop whole lives for addicted women and their children. The campaign for raising the necessary funds has raised $10,500,000 and with another $1,500,000 we will reach the finish line to meet the original goal.

This has been accomplished with a wide variety of private gifts with no federal, state or city funding. That’s the way this Mission has operated for 57 years and the way we believe God would have it. Gifts large and small from over 5,000 donors have brought us to where we are and we are confident that people like you will want to continue the successes thus far to see the completion of the campaign.

We started construction in February of 2009 to build all of the program buildings and 21 units of housing. This phase will be open in the first quarter of 2010. With the additional $ 1,500,000 we can increase that capacity to 50 units of housing which will serve 150 women and children. The site will accommodate 66 units of housing which is our ultimate goal.

Imagine 200 women and children finally in a safe, loving and caring place where they will sleep peacefully every night and cast off the fear and filth of the streets.

We can’t let the most vulnerable and defenseless people in our society continue in the vicious cycle of homelessness and hopelessness. Please hit the track with us for this final dash to the finish. There are hundreds of women and children at that finish line cheering us on. We can’t disappoint them, so please partner with us!

To find out more about the Changing Lives Center or for opportunities to help, please visit our website.


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