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Free Book: Grace For You

July 6, 2009

Grace For You

Jesus shares the Parable of the Prodigal Son in Luke chapter 15, verses 11-32. This story of a rebellious son, a resentful brother and an unconditionally loving and forgiving father, is one of Jesus’ most well known parables.

In Grace For You, our free book for July, John MacArthur digs into the text to show us the real depth of God’s grace and forgiveness with richly detailed insight into the story and the time in which it was told. Here’s an excerpt:

“The parable reminds us of the most painful aspects of the human condition, and those who take an honest look will be able to identify with one aspect or another of the prodigal’s experience. Nevertheless, to understand the parable properly, we must see it through the eyes of someone in the culture of first century Judaism. In such a context, the idea that God would freely accept and forgive repentant sinners (including the very worst of them) was a shocking and revolutionary concept.”

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