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A Hardly Normal Passion for Homelessness

July 22, 2009

hardly normal is at phoenix rescue mission whrrl story

Yesterday, Phoenix Rescue Mission was blessed to be part of Mark Horvath’s tour across America documenting homelessness and giving those on the streets a voice.

Mark and I found each other through our respective Twitter alter egos, hardlynormal and phxmission, sometime earlier this year. Back in February, Mark was able to come to Phoenix to do a video for his blog,, but now he’s embarked on a trip of a much bigger scale. His two month journey, which he’s described as, “24 Cities, 8598 miles, 49 days AND $1,243 in gas” began in LA, where Mark himself was on the streets for several months in 1995.

Although Hardly Normal lives on the net, Mark Horvath works without one. Literally. With limited equipment, time constraints and funding provided solely by sponsorship, he’s able to show a side of homelessness that even we have difficulty capturing. He’s still in need of major support for the rest of his trip. Anyone who is looking to sponsor or help Mark can contact him through his blog, Among other sponsors, Ford is providing him with a Ford Flex for the trip and the story telling platform, Whrrl is on board as well.

You can read more about Mark and his trip in this LA Times article.  Then, take a minute to view not only Phoenix Rescue Mission’s story, but the rest of Mark’s stories on Whrrl.

  1. July 22, 2009 12:50 am

    I also know @hardlynormal from twitter world, and have taken some time to see his homeless stories in pictures. Awareness and exposure of Rescue Missions and others working to combat poverty is increasing thanks to his videos and social networking.


    • July 22, 2009 3:30 pm

      I agree, Michelle.
      It would be wonderful if he took his tour into Canada to visit your Mission there. Before working at Phoenix Rescue Mission, I had no idea there was a network of Rescue Missions working to help the homeless across the US and in Canada as well. I’m glad his tour is not only focusing on showing the realities of being on the street, but also the people that are there to help. Thanks for your comment!

      -Debra @phxmission

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