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Free Book: Turn

August 7, 2009

turn by max lucado

Turn: Remembering Our Foundations is our free book for the month of August.

Though published as the “Official 2005 National Day of Prayer Theme Book” this hardcover book couldn’t be more timely as our country goes through this time of struggle and change. In it’s pages, author Max Lucado shares with us:

“What stirs God to heal a land? What conditions trigger refreshing rains? What prompts the Almighty to cure a country? The answer is the same today as it was in Solomon’s time. God simply asks us to turn.

He asks us…

  • To turn from self-promotion
  • To turn from self-reliance
  • To turn from self-direction
  • To turn from self-service to repentance

When will God heal the land? When the people turn back to him.”

Click here to request your free copy or call (602) 346-3336 today.
*Please remember to include your mailing address.

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