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“Turn” by Max Lucado is May’s Free Book

May 7, 2010

In honor of Wednesday’s National Day of Prayer, we are offering “Turn” as our free book for the month of May.

Here’s an excerpt from Max Lucado’s inspiring book:

“The Bible traces the story of the God who couldn’t leave us alone. He couldn’t leave us alone in our sin. He couldn’t leave us alone in our fear. He couldn’t leave us alone with our death.  So God himself became one of us. He took on our form, our flesh and most of all – our sin.

He took our place so we could go to His. This is the story of the Bible. The story that will change souls can change a nation as well.”

This hard cover book was the Official 2005 National Day of Prayer Theme Book, but the message of hope inside is timeless.

Click here to request your free copy or call Janie at (602) 346-3335 today.
*Please remember to include your mailing address.
*One copy per person.


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