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They donated their birthday to the Mission!

May 17, 2010

Last week we were thrilled to hear from two separate families whose kids decided they would like to collect donations for Phoenix Rescue Mission instead of receiving birthday gifts. 

The Craik Family

For their birthdays this year, the Craik kids, Teya (10), Keegan (9) and Dayton (6) wanted to give back and bless as many families as they could instead of receiving gifts. They each collected donations on their special day and last week dropped off a total of 306 pounds of food, 11 cases of diapers and $55.00 at our Family Outreach Center! 


Tessa decided to donate money to the Rescue Mission instead of receiving presents at her 16th birthday party.  She raised $230 on the night of her party and was quick to put it on Facebook that it was being donated.  Tessa had a goal of raising $250 and decided to make up the difference with her own donation.  Tessa is a recruiting Corporal for the Chandler Police Explorers group which volunteers thousands of hours each year in the community. 

We say “Happy Birthday” and “Thank you!” to Tessa and the Craik family on behalf of all the people they have helped with their thoughtful donations. Their combined cash donations will feed hot, nutritious meals to over 150 people at the Mission and the items donated by the Craik family will tremendously bless struggling families. 

Did you know you can also ‘virtually’ donate your birthday on Facebook Causes? It’s super-easy and fun, having it done it myself. The Causes application sets everything up for you. My friends and family donated $115 for Phoenix Rescue Mission for my birthday this past February. If you’re interested, you can find out more about donating your birthday on Facebook.

-Debra Pryor

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  1. Lisa J. permalink
    May 27, 2010 10:26 am

    My daughter did this for her 7th birthday, also. We were encouraged by the generosity of her guests, and delighted to see our child’s attitude.

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