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Note from a New Bicycle Fixing Ministry at the Phoenix Rescue Mission

September 2, 2010

Dear Rescue Mission Staff:

We’re hooked!  We just got our hands dirty for Christ at the Phoenix Rescue Mission on Saturday.  After talking with my friend Shawn, founder of Cycles 4 Hope in California, he warned me about the difficulties with working with grip shifters so I actually prayed that I wouldn’t run into any of those since I’d never actually worked on any.  The first bike we checked in:  no brakes (cables nor shoes) and no cables coming from the grip shifters!  This guy stood by watching me fumble around and didn’t say a word and I caught myself thinking “why doesn’t this guy just go and let me work?” but then it hit me – we may have plenty of bike parts, all sorts of bike tools, and our fellow Wrenchmen but we weren’t there to fix bikes, we were there to get to know these guys and pray for the Holy Spirit to create an opportunity to talk about Christ.  As soon as I realized that then the guy started chatting with me and only after a few minutes we started talking about Christ which opened up the conversation to more.  It was amazing!

The entire experience went like that.

We are very excited to spread the word to our church and our friends about this ministry and get back out there with those guys!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve our neighbors at the Mission, 

Stephen Patterson

  1. Don permalink
    September 3, 2010 8:17 pm

    I liked the comments by Stephen Patterson about bike ministry. I am involved with a similar ministry in my home town. Who can I contact to learn more about how the Phoenix rescue mission’s bike ministry operates?

    • September 7, 2010 11:21 am

      Thanks Don! I will ask Gail Engstrom the project coordinator to email you shortly.
      Phoenix Rescue Mission

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