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Phoenix Rescue Mission voted best meal in town by the homeless

September 7, 2010

Homeless eating in Phoenix Rescue Mission dining hall

Dear Phoenix Rescue Mission:

Just wanted to share with you some good news from Once-A-Month Church. In June we implemented our Streets of Gold Leadership Program. We are providing leadership education to the poor and homeless to become Good News Leaders to their peers on the streets.  One of the first tasks they completed was to design their own referral card.  This card only included the agencies that they would be proud to refer someone to.  The Phoenix Rescue Mission made the list.  They said you serve one of the best meals in the Valley!

I would also like to thank you. For without the Phoenix Rescue Mission, we would not have had any resource for water this summer. Because of the Phoenix Rescue Mission, we have been able to provide ample water at our Once-A-Month Church meeting on the last Sunday of each month at the Margaret T. Hance Park.  The men and women are able to pick up a bottle when they arrive, another during their meal and, if we have any left, they are able to take a bottle with them after the meeting is over.

Thank you for your love, dedication, generosity and commitment to God’s precious people.

Rev. Dorothy Wellington
The Once-A-Month Church

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    Continue the great work!

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