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Man on a Mission competes in Ironman to raise money for the homeless this holiday season

November 20, 2010

The Phoenix Rescue Mission is thrilled to partner with local Phoenix charity In Him I Can and their Man for a Mission project! On November 21, 2010, tri-athlete Chance Leonard of Scottsdale will be competing in the Ford Ironman Arizona Triathlon in Tempe and will swim, bike and run to raise awareness for the plight of the homeless.

Chance, along with his ministry In Him I Can will support the Phoenix Rescue Mission by working to raise $100 per mile for a total goal of $14,060. The Ironman format requires athletes to complete 140.6 miles.

“I admire the Phoenix Rescue Mission for its tireless work to aid the desperate people who live on the streets of Phoenix. Whether by questionable choices or circumstances beyond their control, these people find themselves in a position of great need. And Phoenix Rescue Mission passionately fills that need” said Chance.

Chance himself is very familiar with adversity. “In my short lifetime, I have accumulated over twelve hours of invasive spinal surgery, eleven days of hospital stay, six of those lying motionless in a hospital bed not knowing what my future would hold. I endure each day with a three level fusion in my lumbar spine and I have lived for the last twenty-seven years in pain. What should my perspective be? Hebrews 12:2 answers this for me!”

“I know what it is like to ask “Why did this happen to me?” said Chance. I understand the feeling of hopelessness felt by people who are homeless, but I also know the power of faith in God to change outlooks and transform lives. And, I personally know what it is like to defy the odds.”
Chance has served at the Phoenix Rescue Mission and has given his testimony to the men staying in the shelter. He is seen as an inspiration to the men attempting to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles in their lives.

“Although I will never be 100%, by God’s grace I continue my journey to help others through my experiences. I partnered with the Phoenix Rescue Mission because their purpose is to change lives and so is mine,” said Chance.

You can support the efforts of In Him I Can and its cause by donating any amount for each mile of the upcoming 2010 Ironman Arizona Triathlon at You can also make a contribution on the donate page of the Phoenix Rescue Mission web site

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  1. November 21, 2010 10:08 pm

    I lost you after the finish! Great running with you today IRONMAN!!!!! I just read about you and you left out the small fact that you were told you wouldn’t walk. Truly an inspiration (and a humble one at that!

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