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Free Frozen Yogurt For All!

January 12, 2011

Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt CelebratesGrand Opening of Third Valley Location Jan. 13

Donations benefitting Phoenix Rescue Mission Being Accepted; Zoyo to Match Customer ContributionsZoyo Neighborhood Yogurt, a locally owned and operated frozen yogurt and dessert eatery, is set to open its third Valley location this Thursday at 4740 E Shea Boulevard in Phoenix (northwest corner of Shea and Tatum boulevards). To celebrate, any customer who visits the new location on Thursday, Jan. 13 between 11:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. will receive free frozen yogurt, courtesy of Zoyo.THIS THURSDAY, Jan. 13, 2011 11:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M.


4740 East Shea Boulevard, Phoenix, AZ 85028

(Northwest corner of Shea and Tatum)

Hope to see you all there!

In addition, Zoyo will be requesting donations to benefit Phoenix Rescue Mission’s new Changing Lives Center for women and children, a longterm addiction and trauma recovery program where homeless women and each of their children will live and receive comprehensive treatment. Zoyo will match all customer donations up to $2,500 in total contributions.


There’s still time to make your Arizona State Charitable Tax Credit donation

December 29, 2010
 “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”  ~Luke 6:38 

If you give a gift to the Phoenix Rescue Mission by December 31, 2010, it may be given right back to you after you file your Arizona State taxes. 

Through the Arizona State Charitable Tax Credit also known as the Arizona Working Poor Tax Credit, you can give a tax-free gift and help provide meals and care to those who are hungry and homeless in our community.  If you itemize your tax return, your donation to Phoenix Rescue Mission may qualify you for a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. Just donate to the Mission before December 31, 2010. The Phoenix Rescue Mission will send you a receipt of your gift by mail. Then, when you file your Arizona States tax return, you can receive a tax credit of up to $400 when filing a joint return or $200 when filing an individual return (using form 321)*. Best of all, you will be helping to feed and clothe men, women and children who rely on the Mission’s services to make ends meet. 

Your end-of-year gift will help us close the gap on the unprecedented demand for our services.  Would you please make an online gift today?  If you have already donated, please forward this email to a friend so they too can take advantage of the Charitable Tax Credit.  

As 2010 comes to a close, we humbly thank you for your faithful support of those we serve at the Phoenix Rescue Mission.  Your generosity is helping change lives year-round!

Peace and Joy,
Jerry Sandvig
President & CEO

* Please visit for more information and seek the advice of a tax professional to determine if you qualify.

Man on a Mission competes in Ironman to raise money for the homeless this holiday season

November 20, 2010

The Phoenix Rescue Mission is thrilled to partner with local Phoenix charity In Him I Can and their Man for a Mission project! On November 21, 2010, tri-athlete Chance Leonard of Scottsdale will be competing in the Ford Ironman Arizona Triathlon in Tempe and will swim, bike and run to raise awareness for the plight of the homeless.

Chance, along with his ministry In Him I Can will support the Phoenix Rescue Mission by working to raise $100 per mile for a total goal of $14,060. The Ironman format requires athletes to complete 140.6 miles.

“I admire the Phoenix Rescue Mission for its tireless work to aid the desperate people who live on the streets of Phoenix. Whether by questionable choices or circumstances beyond their control, these people find themselves in a position of great need. And Phoenix Rescue Mission passionately fills that need” said Chance.

Chance himself is very familiar with adversity. “In my short lifetime, I have accumulated over twelve hours of invasive spinal surgery, eleven days of hospital stay, six of those lying motionless in a hospital bed not knowing what my future would hold. I endure each day with a three level fusion in my lumbar spine and I have lived for the last twenty-seven years in pain. What should my perspective be? Hebrews 12:2 answers this for me!”

“I know what it is like to ask “Why did this happen to me?” said Chance. I understand the feeling of hopelessness felt by people who are homeless, but I also know the power of faith in God to change outlooks and transform lives. And, I personally know what it is like to defy the odds.”
Chance has served at the Phoenix Rescue Mission and has given his testimony to the men staying in the shelter. He is seen as an inspiration to the men attempting to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles in their lives.

“Although I will never be 100%, by God’s grace I continue my journey to help others through my experiences. I partnered with the Phoenix Rescue Mission because their purpose is to change lives and so is mine,” said Chance.

You can support the efforts of In Him I Can and its cause by donating any amount for each mile of the upcoming 2010 Ironman Arizona Triathlon at You can also make a contribution on the donate page of the Phoenix Rescue Mission web site

In Memory of Dorothy Spacone former Executive Director

October 14, 2010

You are to be holy to me because I, the Lord, am holy, and I have set you apart . . . to be my own.’  ~Leviticus 20:26

The Mission learned last week that Dorothy Spacone, Age 74, went to be with the Lord. Dorothy and her husband Carl ran the Phoenix Rescue Mission for three decades. Their dedication to the Mission and caring for the homeless will not be forgotten.

Dorothy Spacone worked at the Phoenix Rescue Mission alongside her husband,Carl for 24 years and in 1994 became the acting director of the Mission upon herhusband’s passing. By November 1969, the Mission moved to a larger building at 440 W. Washington Street. The building was actually the old Utah Hotel (now the site of the Dodge Theater). For 25 years, Dorothy and her husband ensured the Mission provided showers, three meals a day, clothing, events for families in need and even held Sunday school for neighborhood children. Times were not always easy and the sacrifice was great.

In 1969, the number of “homeless”, though that was not yet a term associated with persons who had unfortunate circumstances, was increasing. Rev. Spacone who served on the Board of Directors of the Mission was asked to take over as Executive Director. He left his construction job to take on the challenge and was paid a starting salary of $35 a week. In 1970, Rev. Spacone’s salary was increased to $100 per week and his wife Dorothy was added to the staff as the bookkeeper. Finances were often tight, but the Spacones always took care of the Mission bills first, even though They had seven (7) children of their own. They had a heart for the men and put the needs of the hopeless above their own. In addition to keeping the Mission’s books, Dorothy would help prepare the meals and assist where ever there was a need.

In the late ‘70s early 80’ the Spacones were appalled at the number of servicemen from the Vietnam War coming to the Mission for shelter. The Mission was grateful for being able to meet the men’s need for food, shelter, and clothing, but wanted to do more. In a 1983 newsletter, Rev. Spacone wrote, “But their need for work to get them back on their feet and a part of our working society has always been in our hearts and prayers. Out of this need and their own cry for ‘jobs not handouts’ we have been led to start the ‘Dial-A-Worker program. Within the first month of the program, the Mission received 650 applications for work and placed 162 people in full or part-time jobs.

The cornerstone of the Spacone’s achievement was starting an addiction recovery program for homeless men. The 20-bed program was called a ‘Spiritual Rehabilitation Program’ at that time and men stayed up to 12 months. The word “spiritual” was used instead of “alcohol” so that the Mission did not have to hire state counselors and could incorporate Bible study in the program. Rev. Spacone led the program, as drug and alcohol addiction was an area form which the Lord had delivered him. Giving his life and addictions over to the Lord had forever changed Carl’s existence, and he was determined to share his story and the Lord with whomever he could for the rest of his life. To this day, the Phoenix Rescue Mission offers an addiction recovery program free of charge to homeless men.

President Ronald Regan commended the Spacone’s for their service to Arizona and America. In a 1982 letter, the President wrote: “Over the years, I have witnessed many times the greatness of the American spirit. Compassion for others, creativity in meeting challenges, and determination to accomplish our goals are significant attributes of our people. Evidence of this spirit is the vitality of programs such as Dial-A-Worker. I am pleased to extend my personal congratulations and commendation to you. Your involvement exemplifies the highest tradition of service to others and enhances the lives of all our citizens.”

Dorothy was laid to rest October 2, 2010. The Mission family will celebrate her life and contributions to our work the entire month of October.

Storm Damage shuts down PRM Administrative Offices until Friday

October 7, 2010

This is hail accumulating by the front door of our offices. This doesn't look like Arizona.

The Phoenix Rescue Mission campuses were hit hard by Tuesday’s extreme weather. APS just turned our power back on, so we have limited computer access. Our phones are still down. Power poles on 26th Ave. and McDowell are still unstable, so we are not allowed to enter our Administrative Offices. Our shelter campus suffered major water damage. The sun canopy over our prayer garden is shredded and the patio roof is mangled. Please keep us in your prayers as we try to restore “home” for so many homeless.

If you are trying to reach the Mission, please be patient. APS has told PRM employees that we will be able to access our building Friday, Oct. 8th.

This is the gated entrance to our warehouse. Our wrought iron gate previously chained to the block wall was tossed like it was light as a feather.

The Phoenix Rescue Mission Plants Seeds of Hope

September 21, 2010

Hope for new homeless found at the Mission

One evening, just a couple months ago, Jeff was walking near the downtown ASU Extension campus and before he knew it, he was attacked by several men and a woman. In an attempt to steal his backpack, they kicked him, hit him with a bat, tried to stab him and left him in a pool of blood, unconscious with multiple injuries. The following two weeks were spent in the hospital and when he was released, he was put in a cab and sent to the Phoenix Rescue Mission.

As part of our mission to rescue lives, to save lives, change lives and serve lives, our staff began to minister to his physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Seeds of hope and promise of a future are being planted in Jeff through our hospitality.

Jeff found himself on the streets of Phoenix after coming here from Seattle to help his sister through a bitter divorce. But alcohol, drugs and rage caused him to lose favor with his family and he was forced to leave his sister’s home.

When he came to the Mission, he put his head down, followed the rules and reflected on what had gone wrong in his life. Then he missed curfew and his bed was given to another. A week later he returned determined to work through the demons of destruction that had brought him to this point.

Jeff enjoys the security the Mission provides and says “it provides a buffer from the street.” While he sometimes feels embarrassed to be staying at the Mission, he is grateful that he has a safe place to sleep at night.

Further he says, “I really like the chapel services. They help and for the past two days I have been starting to pray on my own.”

Jeff believes “all this crazy stuff” happened for a reason. “I am here for a reason,” he says. “This is where I am supposed to be; this is a chance to move up. Another thing I like about this place is that it gives me time to think, to clear my mind and to pray.”

Jeff is at a major turning point in his life. He is discovering that peace comes from Jesus Christ. He is examining his faith and he is talking to God. He is discovering the satisfaction of serving others. Day by day we have the privilege of planting seeds of hope and seeing him grow and become whole.

Jesus talks about this in Luke 13 where he tells the story of the farmer planting seed. Some, he says, “fell along the path…some fell on rocky places…some among thorns…some fell on good soil…” In Jeff’s case the seed has fallen on good soil and it is beginning to grow and will “bring forth fruit” as we help him.

Phoenix Rescue Mission voted best meal in town by the homeless

September 7, 2010

Homeless eating in Phoenix Rescue Mission dining hall

Dear Phoenix Rescue Mission:

Just wanted to share with you some good news from Once-A-Month Church. In June we implemented our Streets of Gold Leadership Program. We are providing leadership education to the poor and homeless to become Good News Leaders to their peers on the streets.  One of the first tasks they completed was to design their own referral card.  This card only included the agencies that they would be proud to refer someone to.  The Phoenix Rescue Mission made the list.  They said you serve one of the best meals in the Valley!

I would also like to thank you. For without the Phoenix Rescue Mission, we would not have had any resource for water this summer. Because of the Phoenix Rescue Mission, we have been able to provide ample water at our Once-A-Month Church meeting on the last Sunday of each month at the Margaret T. Hance Park.  The men and women are able to pick up a bottle when they arrive, another during their meal and, if we have any left, they are able to take a bottle with them after the meeting is over.

Thank you for your love, dedication, generosity and commitment to God’s precious people.

Rev. Dorothy Wellington
The Once-A-Month Church